As a PhD student in Cultural Studies at the University of California, Davis, I am considering several research inquiries. Some of these are related to my dissertation, and others are important projects that are contributing to my developing as a scholar.

Black and Indigenous Radical Aesthetic Practices My dissertation project looks at the radical aesthetic practices of Black and Indigenous social movements, including Black Lives Matter, Rhodes Must Fall, and Idle No More. This project looks to speculation and critical fabulation as methods to visualize the radical futures these movements seek.
Black and Indigenous Identity and Resistance In the context of the United States, Black and Indigenous identities, histories, struggles, and joys are considered separate. In the context of this inquiry, I am exploring various projects (including curriculum development) that look at the intersections of Blackness and Indigeneity globally. What new perspectives are possible if the slavery and settler colonial archives are considered joint projects with permanently linked histories and afterlives?
Hashtag Ethnography As part of my dissertation and secondary projects, I am exploring the emerging field of hashtag ethnography. I am studying, specifically, Black and Indigenous hashtag movements around the globe. Can social media offer a pathway to radical transformation or is it inherently hegemonic?