I am currently available for contract curriculum writing work. For more information about my work history, check out my LinkedIn profile.

I have years of English and Social Studies curriculum writing experience. I use the education theory and research skills I learned at Princeton University combined with my storytelling and literary analysis skills from Mills College and English language teaching knowledge from UC Berkeley. I’ve worked with textbook publishing companies, nonprofit organizations, and education companiescreen-shot-2016-12-06-at-11-12-52-pms. I’ve created literature guides, grammar workbooks, ancillary materials for textbooks, and content for online learning spaces.


My specialties are English, history, and the social sciences. I’m passionate about making literature accessible for students, and I’m a grammar geek. Grammar doesn’t have to be boring, and I write workbooks and design curricula to prove it. I’m familiar with Common Core standards and Social and Emotional Learning.

My curriculum development expertise is informed by my teaching experience. I’ve been working with students one-on-one for over ten years. I’ve worked as a tutor for all subjects and all grades K-12, a community college professor, a college-level teaching assistant who held office hours, a writing coach, and an executive functioning skills coach. In all of these capacities, I’ve generated original content tailored for students who don’t understand material in a cookie cutter way. For instance, I’ve developed graphic organizers to help students organize quotes for an essay. I’ve created mini-quizzes to help students prepare for history tests. My experience also includes whole-classroom teaching at the K-12 and college levels, so I’m used to planning lessons, designing courses, and figuring out the big picture of a semester or school year.

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-11-13-15-pmMy curricula are rigorous and take a multicultural approach with special attention to social and emotional themes and cultural competency. I work to give students of a variety of backgrounds opportunities to learn and display their learning as well as paths for teachers to reach their student population.

For samples of my work or my full CV, email me at jasminehwade[at]gmail.com.

Former and current clients include Moving Forward Education, GradeSaver, Gibbs Smith Education, Education.com, Apex Learning.


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