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Much of what I’ve done as a writer thus far have been articles. My goal is to produce quality articles while making the lives of my editors easier. I am adept at researching and asking the right questions. And I work hard to consistently improve my craft. See the links below for samples of my work (not a complete list).

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                                                          Technology in Education

“Equalized Education”

Published by: School Planning & Management

“Multimedia U”

Published by: College Planning & Management

Health & Fitness

“Do Black Children Feel Less Pain than White Children?”

Published by: Diversity Inc.

Make the Gym Less Scary

Published by: SoFit

Higher Education

“New Efficiency Ranking Validates a Changed Mindset”

Published by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

“Holding the Line: Colleges Choose to make big moves to battle tuition increases”

Published by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

“Exorbitant Education”

Published by: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

“Strong Programs Help High-Achieving, Low-Income Students”

Published by: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

College Admissions

“Financial Aid Handbook”

Published by: College Xpress

“Money Management Skills to Master Before College”

Published by: Next Step University

“How Parents Can Help with SAT Prep”

Published by: Campus Explorer

“6 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to College”

Published by: Campus Explorer

K-12 Education

“All About Academic Coaching”

Published by:

“Oh Behave! Personal Skills Your Child Needs before Next Year”

Published by:


In addition to articles and web content, I’ve written the following e-books, which have been published by Hyperink Press. The links include excerpts from these short works.

Quicklet on W.E.B. Du Bois’s The Souls of Black Folk (A Cliff-Notes like summary/analysis)

A Beginner’s Guide to Marathon Training

Pilates: Full-Body Workouts for a Stronger, Sexier You



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